How to Find the Perfect Equestrian Home in the Triangle

You don’t have to travel to another state or even outside Wake County to find a home with plenty of room for horses. Believe it or not, you can find plenty of equestrian properties in the Cary area! Ranging anywhere from the $300,000s to nearly $3,000,000, these homes boast over 2-acre lots, a quiet location, and a lot of rural charm.

These essential tips can help you find your own country estate with grassy green pastures and a little red barn in no time!

First, Consider Location and Features

horseback riders on a bridle trailYou’ve likely already given some thought into your dream home’s location and must-haves, but it’s important to truly consider the little things: proximity to gas stations, grocery stores, veterinarians, major highways, etc. You may also want to find a home that is close to bridle trails, like the American Tobacco Trail and those at Umstead State Park.

Property features, too, are important to consider when searching for an equestrian home. Since you likely won’t be able to find a home with all of the features that you want, keep a list of which amenities you need and which ones you are willing to compromise.

Know How Much Space You Want

Think long-term when searching for a home. For instance, if you plan to build an outdoor riding arena on your property, you may want to invest in a property with more acreage than you would otherwise need. Remember, you can always make upgrades, too; if a home you’re considering doesn’t have the fencing or barn amenities you want, you can always make renovations later.

Take Detailed Notes When You Visit Properties

Thoroughbred horse peeking out of a barnThis is the best way to make sure you’re not missing out on your dream home. While you’re at a showing, keep track of what you like and dislike about the property and the stables, what (if anything) needs repair, and how the pasture and barn looks. It may help to keep a list of questions with you. Here are a few to consider answering:

  • Where are the water access points?
  • Will you have room to park your horse trailer?
  • Is there fencing around the property? If yes, what kind?
  • How does water drain off the property?
  • Are there zoning or property use restrictions that could limit how many horses you can keep?

Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent does much more than show you around a property you’re considering. Since your real estate agent has intimate knowledge of municipal ordinances and the real estate process, they can point you to the perfect home and guide you all the way to closing.

We can help you find the right home in the Cary area. Browse through these available properties or contact us to talk about your plans!

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