Why Apple Wants Raleigh (And What That Means For You)

If you’ve been following the news about Triangle happenings lately, Apple considering Raleigh as its next location is probably on your radar. While Raleigh was previously considered for other major company’s headquarters, including Amazon, Apple has the potential to entirely transform the city in terms of employment and technology.

But what exactly does that mean for current homebuyers and homeowners in Raleigh?

1.Housing Now is the Cheapest it Will Be

If you’re looking to buy a home in the Triangle, now is the time to do it! If Apple decides to move to Raleigh, it is expected that home costs will rise, just as they did in the previous cities Apple has made home.

While this may seem intimidating to some buyers, it shouldn’t be. In the event Apple decides to station themselves in Raleigh, your home value with instantly increase, making it likely you will actually make money if you decide to sell your home in the future. Conversely, if Apple decides not to move to Raleigh, there are still many companies considering the Triangle as a future home, making it likely your home value will still increase.

2.New Construction Neighborhoods Will Pop Up

If Apple does follow through with the location, it’s expected that they would bring over 3,000 jobs to the Triangle. While many of these jobs would go to current residents, some would also go to transplants, making it essential to have housing available.

New construction neighborhoods will likely start popping up in Raleigh and the surrounding areas. As builders compete to attract buyers, they will offer top-notch amenities and features, simply to be competitive. Homebuyers will benefit from this stiff competition and have stronger negotiating power.

3.Quality of Life Will Skyrocket

If you’re worried about housing becoming too unaffordable —don’t be. Although housing costs are expected to rise, so are wages and the quality of life, if Apple chooses to make Raleigh home.

As a technology giant, Apple will create at minimum 3,000 jobs, which means an influx of new consumers in the local economy. As more people enter the Triangle area, more money is poured into local business, resulting in higher working wages, new job creation, and most importantly, a higher quality of life for all residents.

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