Fall: The Best Season to Sell Your Durham Home

When you hear the word “fall” you probably think pumpkins, apples, and Halloween— not selling your home. However, this season is perfect for putting your property on the market if you’ve been thinking about relocating.

Between less competition, more serious buyers, and more curb appeal, your chances of selling are still fantastic well into the winter months. Discover how to make this busy season work for you.

Get Your Home Noticed

The first step to getting someone to buy your home is getting them, well, to see it. Listing your home during a busy season often has your home lost in a sea of listing and alternative options.

Most people think Spring is the best time to list, and so the market is flooded with new properties and listings. When you list your home in the fall, you enter a much less competitive market, allowing your home to get noticed.

Natural Curb Appeal

Speaking of getting your home noticed, one of the greatest advantages of listing in fall is all the fantastic natural curb appeal it presents. There’s nothing more aesthetically pleasing than seeing a home set against crisp fall foliage.

Fall also has shorter days, making it easier to capture glamorous shots of your home in golden hour lighting. The best way to sell your home is simply making people find it attractive, an easy task with fall scenery.

Serious Buyer Season

The last major advantage of listing your home in Fall is the fact that because listing are limited, buyers tend to be more serious. Buyers who may have been picky in the Spring are now under pressure to pick a home before the holidays or bad weather start.

By positioning your property to cater to this serious buyer pool, you’re more likely to have a shorter sell time, and command a better price point for your home — truly a win/win situation.


Thinking of Selling Your Home?

If you’re looking to sell a home in Raleigh-Durgam, my team and I can help! With dozens of years of experience between us, we have the resources and local expertise needed to help you sell your home as quickly as possible.

Looking to find a home? We can help with that too! Start your real estate journey by contacting us today.

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